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Over the Strainbow Hoodie

Over the Strainbow Hoodie

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Introducing our "Over the Strainbow" LGBTQ cotton hoodie, the perfect blend of pride and herbal relaxation! With this hoodie, you'll be spreading love, sparkles, and a whole lot of good vibes wherever you go!

The front proudly displays the iconic "Over the Strainbow" design, reminding everyone that happiness and acceptance come in all colors and smokable flavors. And on the back, we've added a playful cannabis leaf, because who says you can't be both fabulous and a fan of that green leafy goodness?

Made from the softest, comfiest cotton, this hoodie is like getting a warm hug from your favorite drag queen. It's perfect for cozy nights in, late-night munchies runs, or even as an eye-catching conversation starter at pride events. Just remember, this hoodie is guaranteed to bring out the "high" fashionista in you, so prepare for compliments and high fives from fellow queers and herb enthusiasts!

So, grab your "Over the Strainbow" LGBTQ cotton hoodie and let the world know that love, acceptance, and a little herbal bliss are all part of the colorful tapestry that makes our community so beautifully diverse. Get ready to light up both hearts and joints because, darling, life is too short not to embrace every Strainbow that comes your way!

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Small Medium Large Jumbo (XL) Huge (2XL)
Chest 42.5  44.1  45.7  47.2  48.8 
Sleeve Length 23.2  23.6  24.0  24.4  24.8 
Length 27.2  27.6  28.0  28.3  28.7 
Shoulder 19.3  19.7  20.1  20.5  20.9 
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