Our Constitution

The Trippy Society is more than a brand. We are a vision. Born of suffering, desperation, education; and subsequently awakening - we are on a mission to bring a better world to all.

We are beginning as a line of clothing, but have much larger plans for the future. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable, trustworthy brand that consistently delivers the best quality products made without destroying our planet, regardless of the specific item.

We believe in a united front as a society, where our children do not fear war or violence; where their only concern is of what they will learn and who they will help that day. Education, exploration, intellect (real intellect), and boundary-pushing are our primary concerns as a company. A new future is necessary and realistic through your support.

As an organization, we promise to always provide products that DO NOT:

I. Harm the environment,

II. Promote, bias, or benefit one group above another,

III. Harm animals; their resources or byproducts,

IV. Contain harmful ingredients to you or your (future) children,

V. Openly disrespect any religion, ethnicity, or other group,

VI. Promote any type of violence or hatred; and most importantly

VII. Gouge your pockets via excessive greed.

The Trippy Society is a small brand advocating for world change. We believe in many alternative lifestyle ideologies that many others have supported, and we are trying to at the very least give those like-minded people a outlet to express themselves.

The main goal for our brand is to create products and apparel that give people an eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion and harmful clothing, as we believe in a sustainable and healthy future for us and our descendants.

Some may find this message silly or "corny", but hopefully our mission touches your soul as it does ours - and potentially earns your support.

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